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"Avodart" (Dutasteride)
Effective means for treatment of prostatitis "Avodart" (Dutasteride) is a drug to combat the signs of benign hyperplasia of the prostate. During the application of the active substance dutasteride positively affects the process of elimination of inflammatory processes, leads to normal genitourinary system. Safely, without side effects affects the body, not addictive. Applies an effective means for treatment of prostatitis generic Avodart (Dutasteride) on average two weeks, if you wish to consolidate by means of the use of funds results, you can repeat the course after a break of a week.

Produced "Avodart" in the form of capsules. The capsules should not be chewed, open, hold in the mouth, because when getting medication on the mucous membranes can cause severe irritation. In the instruction it is noted that standard dosage of this medication is 1 capsule per day. When the patient discovered of renal dysfunction, adjustment of therapy is required - Buy Avodart online

Reviews of Avodart numerous reviews regarding the drug Avodart, almost nowhere is there mention of any side effects. Most patients report the effectiveness of the drug, although mentioned cases where the drug gave the desired effect.

Contraindications to receiving the "Avodart" are:

intolerance to the drug; the children's age. As in the treatment of the "Avodart" there are various hormonal changes in men, then it is possible that they can be undesirable. For example, there is a possibility of decrease in libido, weakening potency, the development of gynecomastia – swelling of the mammary glands. In rare cases, noted the occurrence of allergic reactions, which can be expressed by itching, swelling or hives – all of this is extensive or limited.

Use in elderly patients: the recommended tool for careful use in this age category.

It should be noted that it is not always possible to rely on the objectivity of the reviews as for the most effective results must be observed that many conditions, among which, first of all, the duration of the course. As already mentioned, Avodart does not guarantee a rapid effect. It gradually removes the symptoms and only after a certain time there is a decrease in the prostate gland.

Buy avodart uk !! The maximum threat in the first sixteen weeks of pregnancy. In the period of lovemaking with a man who is taking this drug must use condoms, as dutasteride can penetrate and cum. If you still had contact with the contents of the capsules of Avodart must immediately speak to the lead doctor.

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Contraindications: hypersensitivity to the drug should avoid the use of, in diseases of the kidneys and liver is with great caution capsules Avodart.
Gender: Male
Age: 63
Good day! A few months ago I started having problems urinating (weak flow, incomplete emptying of the bladder. When referring to the urologist, I underwent WHEN I put the blood on the DOG. The results of the analysis of PSA: PSA total - 5,9; PSA St - 0,6 conducted by transrectal ultrasonography. The urologist diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, a tumor of medium size adenoma of the prostate gland. The month I took the drugs for chronic prostatitis. After treatment I re-tested for PSA (PSA Ls. - 3,4; PSA aircraft. - 0,1) - purchase avodart for sale online !

How to treat prostatitis?

Treatment of prostatitis If you are diagnosed with prostatitis, the treatment is usually quite long-term exercise that requires the use not only medication but also other methods. The choice of drug for treatment of prostatitis depends on what type of the disease diagnosed in humans. So, in acute prostatitis mandatory prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics. Similar appointments will be for those whose prostatitis are caused by bacteria different kinds of.

Duration of antibiotic therapy will be different in each individual case, but it is always done under strict supervision of a doctor. Almost any variety of inflammation of the prostate gland in the quality of drug therapy will be recommended anti-inflammatory drugs, spasmolytic and absorbable means.

For the treatment of non-bacterial forms in recent years often use the so-called medicines alpha blockers. They contribute to a better flow of urine, relax the muscles of the pelvic organs, improve their blood circulation. In the case of the prostate another effective treatment is the prostate massage. Some doctors suggest using this method exclusively in chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, believing that otherwise it can facilitate the spread of infection in the human body. Others believe that massage, on the contrary, helps better absorption into the bloodstream of antibacterial drugs.

Absolute contraindication for this method are prostatitis-acute. Prostate massage transrectal method is performed in a hospital setting. It improves the outflow of secretion of the prostate, has beneficial effects on blood flow to the body, its muscle tone.

A good result in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland is the use of various physiotherapeutic procedures. In this case we are talking about the ultra - electrophorese, magnetic and laser therapy, electroneurostimulation. Surgical intervention in this disease is nowadays extremely rare.

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